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Effective 13 May 2019

What is CourtBundles?

CourtBundles has a myriad of uses, it can be used by legal practices, medical institutions, auditors etc. Or,  perhaps you just need an electronic filing cabinet to easily organise and archive documents.

Attorneys for example, recognise that well-prepared court documents are a vitally important aspect of any case. Briefs, however, are extremely time consuming to prepare perfectly. We know that attorneys and their legal teams spend countless hours photocopying, assembling, paginating and indexing documents for court, not to mention all the time spent on polishing their arguments. Furthermore, the smallest documentary error could risk the entire case being rejected by the court or judge resulting in unnecessary costs, and, wasted valuable time and resources because everyone was not on the same page. There is an easier, more efficient way to prepare your court documents. 

That’s where CourtBundles is at its best.

Effortlessly organise and archive a collection of documents into professionally indexed and numbered bundles, all formatted into a single PDF file at the click of a button. Instantly ready to save, share and print.

A case in point

For Counsel, CourtBundles is a complete electronic record of the entire case. The case files are therefore available electronically in an indexed and paginated format that corresponds with that of all parties, including the court.  In addition, it saves any annotations inserted against text or images, on any page in the file in order to reference and/or cross reference for trial preparation. Text may also be highlighted as required. Navigating through pages during trial preparation and the presentation of a case is simplified as every document is hyperlinked in the index. This results in counsel no longer having to search through many files and pages in order to find the right document and page.

CourtBundles is literally “getting everyone on the same page”.

huge savings

Saves time, paper and money.
No upfront cost. No contracts.
Massively efficient.

index and paginate

Easily create an index, and number all your pages, just like a book. Automatically inserts hyperlinks into the index too.

easy to use

Incredibly easy to use with a self-explanatory dashboard. Minimum training needed and we give you full support.

add comments

Quickly add comments or notes to any page - share with other parties, or make them private.

any file type

Create an electronic file of all your documents from different sources, in any file type, all merged into a PDF file.

easy to search

Your full electronic filing cabinet. Need to find an archived file or just a single page? No problem!

How it works

"getting everyone on the same page"

Create or edit matter

Import documents

Arrange and edit files

Preview bundle

Index and paginate

let's get started...

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